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Italian Journal of sicence and technology

  Italian Journal of Science and Technology Studies  

  (ISSN 2038-3460)  Vol. 7, No. 2 (2016)

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TECNOSCIENZA | Italian Journal of Science and Technology Studies 
is a scientific journal focusing on the relationships between science, technology and society. The Journal is published twice a year with an open access and peer reviewed policy; it is managed by an Editorial Board with the supervision of an International Advisory Board.

ISSN 2038-3460

International Advisory Board

Maria Carmela Agodi
(University of Napoli – IT)
Barbara Allen
(Virginia Tech University – USA)
Mario Biagioli
(University of California Davis – USA)
Wiebe Bijker
(Maastricht University – NL)
Geoffrey Bowker
(University of Pittsburgh – USA)
Massimiano Bucchi
(University of Trento – IT)
Barbara Czarniawska
(Göteborg University – SE)
Steven Epstein
(UC San Diego – USA)
Silvia Gherardi
(University of Trento – IT)
Luca Guzzetti
(University of Genova – IT)
Christine Hine
(University of Surrey – UK)
Massimo Mazzotti
(University of California Berkeley – USA)
Amade M'charek
(University of Amsterdam – NL)
Alessandro Mongili
(University of Padova – IT)
Michela Nacci
(University of L’Aquila – IT)
Federico Neresini
(University of Padova – IT)
Giuliano Pancaldi
(University of Bologna – IT)
Luigi Pellizzoni
(University of Trieste – IT)
Trevor Pinch
(Cornell University – USA)
Lucy Suchman
(Lancaster University – UK)
Mariachiara Tallacchini
(Catholic University of Piacenza – IT)
Paolo Volontè
(Politecnico of Milano – IT)

Editorial Board Coordination

Attila Bruni
(University of Trento – IT)
Paolo Magaudda
(University of Padova – IT)
Manuela Perrotta
(Queen Mary London – UK)

Editorial Board

Claudio Coletta
(Maynooth University – IRL)
Stefano Crabu
(University of Padova – IT)
Enrico Marchetti
(University of Ferrara – IT)
Alvise Mattozzi
(Free University of Bolzano – IT)
Sergio Minniti
(IULM Milano – IT)
Francesca Musiani
(CNRS Paris – FR)
Laura Lucia Parolin
(University of Milano Bicocca – IT)
Annalisa Pelizza
(University of Twente – NL)
Giuseppina Pellegrino
(University of Calabria – IT)
Barbara Pentimalli
(University of Roma La Sapienza – IT)
Assunta Viteritti
(University of Roma La Sapienza – IT)

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