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Dalla City Lights

June 2018
Illustration by Bob Eckstein
June Events Calendar
*just added* 6/6 - Viet Thanh Nguyen (pictured above) editor of the new anthology, The Displaced: Refugee Writers on Refugee Lives, with contributors Thi Bui & Meron Hadero.
6/14 - Tommy Orange reading from his acclaimed new novel, There There.
6/21 - Zoé Samudzidiscussing her new book, As Black As Resistance: Finding the Conditions for Liberation.
6/26 - City Lights & ZYZZYVA present Glen David Gold(pictured above) in conversation with Oscar Villalon about his new memoir, I Will Be Complete.
ALSO APPEARING IN JUNE: Dan Hoy, Abraham Smith, David Graeber, Alexandra Mattraw, Tiff Dressen, Norman Fischer, Richard Rhodes, Ana Raquel Minian, Veronica Scott Esposito, Charlie Jane Anders, and Craig Santos Perez!
City Lights in the News
City Lights is a proud member of the Los Angeles Review of Books' Reckless Reader program. All paid subscribers to LARB receive a discount and/or special gift from participating bookstores if they spend $50 or more. 
The San Francisco Chronicle detailed the unlikely confrontation between Allen Ginsberg and the Hells Angels during a Vietnam War protest in Berkeley. 
Happy to announce that Tongo Eisen-Martin's book, Heaven Is All Goodbyes, has been awarded the California Book Award in the poetry category by the Commonwealth Club of California! 
David Shapiro, author of In Memory of an Angel, is interviewed by NorthJersey about his influential role in the 1968 student uprising at Columbia University.
Musician Peter Case talks with Otis Gibbs for his YouTube series, Old Weird America, in Kerouac Alley. Case shares some great stories about busking with Allen Ginsberg outside of City Lights Bookstore, as well as hitchhiking with Anton LaVay.
New from City Lights Publishers, our 8th book of previously uncollected Bukowski writings.
Edited with an introduction by David Stephen Calonne
"Genius could be the ability to say a profound thing in a simple way, or even to say a simple thing in a simpler way."—Charles Bukowski
Bringing together a variety of previously uncollected stories, columns, reviews, introductions, and interviews, Mathematics finds Bukowski approaching the dynamics of his chosen profession with cynical aplomb, deflating pretensions and tearing down idols armed with only a typewriter and a bottle of beer. 
ISBN 9780872867598 | Paperback | $15.95
Highlights from the City Lights Podcast, Live! From City Lights
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By Ryan H. Walsh
(Penguin Press)
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By Rachel Kushner
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